Meet Mols

Hi friends!

My name is Molly (Mols) Renaldo and I'm the home baker behind The Dolce Company. This sweet company grew out of an obsession with macarons discovered during the COVID-19 quarantine. 


As a way of getting some fresh air, I found myself running a daily "errand" to my neighborhood drive-thru soda shop for a special drink and the newest flavor of macaron.  I found I was spending a small fortune on macarons every week and figured that learning how to make these beautiful treats would be a good way to spend all of this time at home. 


I loved learning how to make these difficult bakes! After 5 months and what felt like 100s of broken batches, I FINALLY made 3 batches in a row of beautiful shells.  My sweet taste testers (friends and family keeping all the test batches from going to waste) had loved the flavors of my imperfect and unappealing attempts, but it was a long time until the look matched the taste. 


In January 2021, I started shipping them around the country and held my first pop-up event at a coffeehouse in Boise. I was floored by the amount of people, who didn't know me, but loved my products!  The Dolce Company was born.  I love continuing with pop-up events in Boise, Idaho and take orders for local delivery and nationwide shipping!

  Dolce means sweet in Italian.  Italy is not only my favorite place in the world, but where that love grew with formal and informal studies in eating.  That's where I learned that the most enjoyable flavors are best shared with great friends! So join me for a sweet break.  Try a macaron, let me know what you think, and enjoy the sweetness.

- Mols